About Us

Get a little insight on who we are

Content writer on a computer

Our Specialties

Creative Writing

We are creative people, that have gained years of experience in writing professional contents.

Intuitive Thinkers

We are out-of-the-box thinkers, and we put your needs in thought before writing a single word.

Our Team

Afolabi Jamiu


Co-Founder, Content Manager

Jamiu is a person who is very analytical in nature. He enjoys learning new things and takes learning as a continous process. He has vast experience in content writing and networking.

Akerele James


Co-Founder, COO

James is an inquisitive person that constantly find new and more efficient ways of doing things. He has experience in content development, operations management and networking.

Oje Abdul-Quadri

OJE, Abdul-Quadri

Co-Founder, CAO

Abdul-Quadri is a tech enthusiast who loves innovations. He is playful, which gives him leverage while writing. His leisure is playing scrabble among other word games.

Udor Paul

UDOR, Paul

Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Paul is an inquisitorial learner with a craving for creating exciting ideas and taking up new challenges. He is proficient in front-end web and content development.